Ten Years.

Coboc turns 10. Let's celebrate the Momentum.

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Momentum, the [latin]

the right, suitable moment, time.


A 10-year anniversary is the right time to pause for a moment and take a look at what has already been achieved. A great moment to celebrate the first ten years, but at the same time to speed up the pace and look ahead: the next ten years are waiting to be tackled, still so many ideas to be implemented. Let’s start with a little film. Switch on the subtitles and enjoy!

Momentum, the [latin]

Impulse [physics] is the integral of a force over the time interval for which it acts.


From the backyard workshop out onto the big stage of electric mobility. Short-circuited by the intrinsic impulse to build an e-bike that exceeds its own demands in terms of form and function, the Slim E-Bike idea has evolved in just a decade from strictly purist singlespeeders to equipped everyday commuters, off-road gravel and trekking bikes – without diluting the Coboc DNA. And in between: a style icon has emerged, the Soho, polished aluminium in its fastest form.


How does this connect to our anniversary? There’s the answer below.

Coboc x ECM.

We celebrate the connection of espresso and e-bikes.


Technical finesse on the inside, sleek and timeless design on the outside: For ECM and Coboc, their product is much more than just mass-produced goods. It is passion. To mark our tenth anniversary, we are celebrating the moment with a special limited edition of Coboc-designed espresso machines.


To the Story

Coboc Circular Concept.

Circular Economy instead of a throwaway society.


Designing products in such a way that waste is avoided or parts of them can be reused. Environmentally friendly, sustainable, long-lasting. At Coboc, we’re rethinking some things.


To the concept

On point.

In the last part of our “Ten Stories” series, we talk to poster designer Götz Gramlich about creativity and our anniversary artwork.


Where do creative people find inspiration? How do you combine simple elegance and pure energy? The answers are here.


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The working student as a multi-talent.
The story of the first Coboc employee.


Sebastian Müller tells us how he came to Coboc, what fascinated him right from the start and why versatility was the key, especially in the early days.


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The X Edition.
Strictly limited – for the 10th anniversary.


A homage to our roots: sanded by hand the frames of our anniversary models represent all the sleepless nights and every drop of sweat we have invested over the years. The sandblasted Ten Years lettering and the numbering complete the reduced, timeless appearance and make each X Edition piece unique. Only ten of each of the three models were built.


See the e-bikes

Design, Innovation, Culture.

The Coboc Cosmos.


An electric bike that works really well and looks damn good doing it. Everything at Coboc revolves around this principle. Dive into our diverse universe and we’ll show you how we think, design and change the future of urban mobility.


Dive in

We’re just getting started. Join us on our journey through this special anniversary season.

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