The working student as a multi-talent.

Ten Stories: Soldering, painting and screwing - the story of the first Coboc employee.

When you talk to Sebastian Müller, it quickly becomes clear that he’s a man who knows what he’s doing. Not surprisingly, the Heidelberg native is currently working on his doctorate in physics at the Max-Planck-Institute in Tübingen. And it is precisely here, with antimatter and electrodynamics, where the common story of Sebastian and Coboc founders David and Pius begins.


But that’s not exactly true. Although the three studied physics at the University of Heidelberg, their first contact with Coboc and its products came about during handball practice. When the Coboc founders took the first prototypes to the hall for the team members to take a test ride, Sebastian was quickly hooked: “Of course, a slim e-bike like this was something completely new. On top of that, the two guys were so motivated right from the start to bring the thing to the top.”

Coboc Soho Coboc Soho

The attraction was there, the only thing missing was the job offer. And that was to come in a not entirely conventional way. “Actually, Pius first just asked us if someone could help them move.” So at first, there was hauling and painting. Sebastian then joined Coboc as a working student, making him the first employee of the Heidelberg pioneers. 


During this initial period in Heidelberg, the motto for all involved was: versatility is the key. Sebastian tinkered with battery packs, soldered circuit boards, but also took care of packaging and shipping. Please let me do everything except finances. “Screwing has always been fun for me privately, too, so that suited me. And if you had an idea about how something could be done better, you got the chance to do it better. You couldn’t get a flatter hierarchy.” All together for one goal.

Until 2018, Sebastian worked as a working student, helping to shape the Coboc company and urban mobility. A time he still looks back on fondly today. “We went to the Eurobike there as complete underdogs with two VW buses and next door at Shimano it looked like a private jet had landed. That was pretty awesome.” He continues to follow Coboc’s development from afar: “It’s still almost the only e-bike that looks cool. That, combined with the attitude of creating something yourself when there’s nothing else like it, I think is strong.”


At Coboc, too, they still tell one or two legendary stories about “Sepp.” And as a clever postcard saying goes: You always see each other twice in life.

Coboc turns 10.

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