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Ten Stories: Coboc and the Pavilion - the first fair in Friedrichshafen.

Attending trade shows is an important and, not least, quite fun marketing tool for companies. Established companies get to talk to customers face-to-face, young companies can present their ideas to a wide range of people, and the lively get-together in the evening strengthens team cohesion – or something like that.

Coboc goes Eurobike.


Two years after its foundation, it was also time for Coboc founders David and Pius to present the eCycle to the world. They chose the leading global trade fair in the bike business, the Eurobike in Friedrichshafen. Of course, Coboc was still quite small and short of money, which is why the two were content with a stand at the fair’s test area.

With two fully loaded VW buses and a handful of good friends, the two set off from Heidelberg on their way south. One day before the actual start of the trade show, the Demo Day took place, where trade and press were supposed to test ride the world’s first Slim e-bike. However, since this was at a different location, the pavilion, including brochures and other booth paraphernalia, had to be dismantled and reassembled first.

“We then went to sleep and a huge storm raged overnight. When we went to our pavilion the next day, it just wasn’t there anymore. We thought someone had stolen it from us. But the storm just blew it down into an embankment. It was stupid, of course, everything was wet. And that was one day before the start of the trade show.”

Coboc Eurobike Coboc Eurobike

Coboc goes for Gold.


Despite strained nerves and wet brochures, Eurobike 2013 was to prove groundbreaking for Coboc, David continues.


“People were skeptical at first, of course. They just weren’t sure if we’d still be around in two years. But we got so much positive feedback that it confirmed us: The eCycle is awesome, we’re selling this thing now.”


The jury of experts was also impressed by the stylish, purist e-bike from Heidelberg, and Coboc won the coveted Eurobike Gold Award in its first year. In 2021, Coboc will be exhibiting at the Eurobike for the eighth time.

Coboc turns 10.

Around our anniversary season we have prepared some promotions and stories for you. Check out our Ten Years page to make sure you don’t miss anything. Or click directly to the Ten Stories.

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