Rock and Roll.

Ten Stories: About step-throughs and trendsetters - the story of the Coboc skirt.

Not only for rock stars.


It all began quite innocently. As usual, our product developers in Heidelberg put their heads together and worked on a new Coboc e-bike. A deep-entry frame was to expand the product range while consistently continuing the Coboc philosophy. Although this type of frame is often designed specifically for a female audience, one thing was important to everyone involved from the start: this e-bike is unisex.



No sooner said than done. The Kallio was wrapped in a classy, timeless garb that included a color palette ranging from white to gray to black (blue was added later). The developers also deliberately chose the equipment so that everyone could feel comfortable on this e-bike. 

Coboc rocks.


But how do you make that clear to the press, dealers and customers in an elegant way? An idea was needed and an idea was delivered (love to Recep at this point): a male model, a skirt and a photo shoot. Following the example of a designer model, a studied fashion designer finally developed the Corock.

Days to remember.


Using the skirts for the team as well was not part of the idea at first. But the Eurobike and thus the official release of the Kallio was imminent. In a short term action, a seamstress in Heidelberg made the eye-catchers for the entire trade fair team from fabrics that were just lying around. The fashion piece was so well received that it was subsequently ordered by several Coboc dealers. 


In retrospect, these skirts also ensured that for a large part of the Coboc team especially this Eurobike in 2019 remains unforgettable. Who wore what underneath on these days, however, remains a secret to this day. 

Coboc turns 10.

Around our anniversary season we have prepared some promotions and stories for you. Check out our Ten Years page to make sure you don’t miss anything. Or click directly to the Ten Stories.

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