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From an idea in a backyard workshop to a pioneer of electric mobility – we have already achieved quite a bit. Working as a team has enabled us to turn our vision of a stylish yet useful e-bike into reality. And that’s what we’re continuing to focus on. Every employee at Coboc brings their own individual qualities to the table. So it’s only logical that we rely on the talents of our diverse workforce and continue to nurture them.



The people at Coboc are united by a common vision. Although we already play a formative role in our industry as an innovation driver, we remain curious and courageous. Because we are aware that our environment is constantly changing. We are always on the lookout for the even more elegant, even more beautiful, simply even better solution. This will to evolve, the courage to change and the motivation to take the initiative means that every team member can develop together with us and create great things.



Authenticity is not only reflected in our team, it is rather an overarching guiding principle of our company. Coboc thrives on people with ideas. And people make mistakes. It is therefore all the more important that our corporate culture allows for them, that we value constructive criticism and that we learn from mistakes. In our communication, too, the motto is: No bullshit. That’s why we attach great importance to truthful and reliable information. In short: With our e-bikes, you really do get as far as we claim.



As different as our e-bikes are, they all have one thing in common: Our models combine the unique design DNA, the innovative drive system and all the heart and soul of our team. To be able to create the best possible e-bike for any purpose, it takes a lot of different skills in different areas of the company. At Coboc, we rely on the individual experience and talents of our employees. Each team member uses his or her skills in a targeted manner and thus not only has the opportunity to develop with us, but also to help shape the future of urban mobility.



From an ambitious wish of two physicists in a backyard workshop to a formative market player and innovation driver – That is the Coboc Story. A story about making history.


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