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To support you with your Coboc specific repairs, we have set up the Coboc Academy for you. On our new e-learning platform, you can complete courses and get a certificate that marks you up you in Coboc service.





In the Coboc Academy you can follow the most important work step by step and learn useful tips and tricks. In addition, a wide range of learning materials such as service videos and user manuals are available to you in one convenient place. This way, you can offer your Coboc customers the best support, as you can carry out many repairs directly in your store!


Use the Coboc Academy actively to keep your workshop up to date and especially to give new employees a good technical understanding of Coboc e-bikes.


You can set up access to Coboc Academy for each of your employees with their own e-mail address, so that everyone can also acquire their own certificate. The individual certificates are then automatically sent to a central group administrator with their own email address. More information about the different roles can be found in the registration.


In the Coboc Academy there are courses, each of which consists of individual modules. To successfully complete a course and receive a certificate, all modules within the course must be passed. Currently, the course “Coboc Service Training” is available for you, which consists of only one module. So simply enroll and secure your certificate! If you do not yet have access to the Coboc Academy, please click on “To registration” below. Clicking on “To the academy” will take you to the login area of our learning platform.


If you have any further questions, please contact


Registration for the Coboc Academy.

Register yourself and your team here and secure your certificate! You are already registered? Then why not taking a look at the academy again?