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With urban e-bikes, you can easily move through any dense traffic jungle from Berlin to Brooklyn. Discover your new favorite belt-driven companion for any urban terrain now. Arrange a test ride at a dealer near you or buy it directly from our online store.

Brooklyn FAT raw

Brooklyn FAT


Think Fat. Think Fast. Think Forward.

Brooklyn FAT


With belt drive – silent and clean.

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The lightweight fitness e-bike.

eCycle F1


Our origin, our future.

What makes a good urban e-bike?

Good urban e-bikes have one thing in particular in common: they are lightweight. Not only does this allow them to be carried up and down stairs quickly or transported by bus or train, but a lightweight urban e-bike is also much more agile and fun to ride. In contrast to trekking or touring e-bikes, urban pedelecs focus less on pronounced suspension or an extremely high range. Rather, they are purist in design and thus enable the important low overall weight and suitability for everyday use.

Who are urban e-bikes suitable for?

Urban e-bikes are equally suitable for men and women. The intended use can be completely different, but mostly takes place on an asphalt surface. For all people who are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative or supplement to alternative means of transport such as bus, train or car, an urban electric bike is a sensible choice. The annoying search for a parking space, the stress in traffic jams or the crowding in trains that are far too full are a thing of the past with an urban e-bike. With their timeless, puristic design, the right models are real eye-catchers, and you’ll arrive at your destination sweat-free and relaxed.

What is the best urban e-bike?

It is difficult to make a generally valid statement about the best urban e-bike, because everyone wants to use their vehicle differently in urban areas and therefore also has different requirements. As a pioneer in the field of lightweight urban e-bikes, we at Coboc already have over ten years of experience and stand for quality made in Germany.


Our eCycle F1 and Brooklyn FAT models combine the most important features of urban pedelecs. They are lightweight, puristically designed and thus promise dynamism and safe navigation in the city – including maximum riding fun. The eCycle F1 and the Brooklyn FAT are also urban e-bikes with a high-quality belt drive. Not only does this allow you to reach your destination almost silently, a belt drive also requires much less maintenance than a classic chain. Should you ever need to have your Coboc e-bike serviced, our extensive dealer network will always have a competent contact person at your disposal.

Coboc E-Bike Brooklyn FAT Raw hängt an Wand in einem Zimmer Coboc E-Bike Brooklyn FAT Raw hängt an Wand in einem Zimmer

What is the range of Coboc urban e-bikes?

As already mentioned, the range should not be the decisive element when looking for an urban e-bike. Electricity and corresponding charging options are ubiquitous in urban areas. Furthermore, the range of e-bikes depends on many different factors, such as the selected support level, topography or total weight.


Nevertheless, all of our urban e-bikes benefit from the Coboc Electric Drive, our proprietary drive system. This includes the integrated battery, which allows ranges between 70 and 110 kilometers, depending on the model. With the Coboc app, you also have the option to completely customize the two support levels of our e-bikes. For a riding experience exactly the way you need it.

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Frequently asked questions about urban e-bikes.

How many years do e-bike batteries last?


The service life of an e-bike battery depends heavily on the storage and charging method. If you store your Coboc e-bike dry and warm (above 0 degrees Celsius), especially during the cold months, and make sure that the battery is not permanently completely empty and fully charged again, a service life of over five years is definitely realistic. Our Coboc e-bikes also have integrated protection mechanisms, such as the deep-sleep mode, which protect the battery. It is essential to avoid deep discharge of the battery.

Which urban e-bikes are produced in Germany?


At Coboc, it is important to us that you can rely on your e-bike. To ensure quality, we develop elementary components, such as the drive system, in-house in Heidelberg. The assembly of our e-bikes also takes place in Germany in cooperation with our partner companies.

Mann fährt auf E-Bike Coboc Brooklyn Fat Mann fährt auf E-Bike Coboc Brooklyn Fat

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