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Our lightweight e-bikes at a glance -
the Coboc Electric Drive perfectly integrated.

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Product line SEVEN

elegant | functional | comfortable

Always ready with our perfect commuter bikes. Useful features such as lights, rear rack and mudguards make the SEVEN bikes a versatile companion on your daily commute to work or leisure. Coupled with their elegant understatement, they comfort you on your everyday rides.

SEVEN Kallio

17,5 kg | 3.999,- €

No need to dress to impress. When your bike does.

SEVEN Kallio Comfort

17,5 kg | 4.399,- €

Some comfort please, with dynamics and extra fun riding.

SEVEN Montreal

15,9 kg | 4.599,- €

Commuting in style.

SEVEN Vesterbro

15,6 kg | 3.799,- €

From flâneur to e-connaiseur.


15,7 kg | 4.599,- €

Our cosmopolitan.

Product line TEN

sporty | versatile | trailblazing

Move the boundaries in your head and on the map. No need to stop where the tarmac ends. Equipped with eleven gears, lighting system, wide tires, dropbars and optionally with mudguards and rack, the TEN product line balances between a comfortable everyday bike and a sporty gravel bike.

TEN Merano

16 kg | 4.599,- €

One e-bike. A thousand possibilities.

TEN Torino

14,5 kg | 4.999,- €

A new adventure every day.

Product line ONE

uncompromising | minimalist | dynamic

Ride your e-bike in style. One gear and our Coboc Electric Drive, which immediately converts every pedal stroke into speed. The purest form of cycling. With the straight-edge bikes from our ONE line, you’re not just riding an e-bike, you’re an urban trendsetter with a flair for design.

ONE eCycle F1

10,8 kg | 5.999,- €

The icon. Lightness electrified.

ONE Brooklyn Fat

13,5 kg | 3.899,- €

Think Fat. Think Fast. Think Forward.

ONE Brooklyn

14,1 kg | 3.699,- €

Street Art and Electro Beats.

ONE Soho F1

13,1 KG | 3.499,- €

Make the bike lane your catwalk.

ONE Soho

13,7 kg | 2.999,- €

The city is your catwalk.

ONE Berlin

14,4 kg | 3.999,- €

The rebel in the streets.