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Coboc interview with ECM Managing Director Michael Hauck.

Sleek design on the outside, technical finesse on the inside. An expression of lifestyle and joie de vivre. Espresso and e-bikes. ECM and Coboc.


For 25 years, the company ECM has been developing high-quality espresso machines for the home by hand. In doing so, Michael Hauck’s team always strives for the innovative and elegant solution to coffee enjoyment. In our interview, the managing director tells us about his company’s philosophy and how espresso and e-bikes go together, among other things.

How do you recognize a good espresso?


That’s a good question, and not so easy to answer. In the past, I might have said that it’s a good espresso if the sugar you put in stays on top of it at first, then slowly sinks and the crema closes over it again. Since I no longer use sugar, this test no longer works for me (laughs) – apart from that, this test is also not the only criterion for a good espresso. An important factor for me is definitely the condition of the espresso machine used to make the espresso: It should look clean and sanitized, and the filter support should be clamped. Also, cups should be used that have been preheated on the cup rack. For me, this is already a good sign to ensure that the espresso will have the right temperature.

Where does your passion for espresso and espresso machines come from?


Even as a small child, when my father was the exclusive importer for Germany for various Italian espresso machine manufacturers, I often visited the espresso machine and grinder manufacturers in Italy with my parents. This insight into the world of espresso totally fascinated me and left a lasting impression, so that from the very beginning I could imagine nothing else than working in this field one day and designing my own espresso machines.

What philosophy does ECM follow in the manufacture of its espresso machines?


Our goal is, of course, to offer the user the best possible equipment of the highest quality for the preparation of his espresso. In the production of our range, various factors are therefore decisive for us: Even the selection of components and the manufacturing facilities in which they are produced play a very important role for us. We see our suppliers as part of the “ECM family”; the feeling when selecting our suppliers simply has to fit. Finally, good, long-term partnerships are incredibly important to us. On the one hand, to enable a pleasant cooperation and on the other hand, of course, also to ensure the constant, high quality of our products. In addition, the manual production makes our products something very special. We see the manufacture of portafilter machines as a craft that combines espresso passion with technical know-how. We consider the production of our machines and grinders at our manufacturing sites here in Germany, near Heidelberg, and in Italy to be a huge added value. As a well-coordinated team, we directly accompany the complete development process of each of our espresso machines and grinders. Product development, design department and manufacture are closely linked and in constant dialog. This enables us to produce a final product that exactly meets our expectations – and that our customers enjoy.


Espressomaschine Espressomaschine

How do espresso and e-bikes go together?


Sport, activity and espresso have always gone very well together. In the specific case of e-bikes and espresso, there are many parallels. Both topics are an expression of trend, lifestyle and joie de vivre. Taking a nice tour on an e-bike and enjoying a good espresso in between or afterwards – the idea alone makes you go into raptures, because both symbolize enjoyment and a positive attitude to life. So it’s only natural to combine the two.

What parallels do you see between Coboc and ECM?


Coboc and ECM are both manufactures and therefore brands for which the topic of handcrafting and the careful selection of high-quality components play a supporting role. And most importantly, both Coboc and ECM make it their goal to create convincing and durable products that enhance the everyday lives of their future owners and give them pleasure for a long time. So Coboc and we at ECM are proud of our high-quality products and customers are proud to call an e-bike from Coboc or a machine from ECM their own. Of course, preferably both (wink).

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On our "Ten Years" page you will find everything about our anniversary season. Or discover the special limited edition of ECM's Mechanika V Slim in Coboc design.

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