The Coboc App.

The direct connection to your Coboc e-bike and much more.

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Not only the design and vehicle construction, but also all electrical drive components are in-house developments. This also includes the software, an important component of our intelligent and intuitive drive system. We have developed the Coboc app to create a riding experience tailored to the needs of each user. With it, you have a direct line to your Coboc e-bike.



With your phone attached to the handlebars, the dashboard of the Coboc app provides you with useful information while riding. In addition to your current speed, it shows you the exact charge level of your battery and the distance covered. Colors indicate which support mode (Regular or Power) is active. Swipe to the side and you can easily switch between both riding modes.

Two driving modes.


Every Coboc e-bike comes with two predefined riding modes, so you’re prepared for any eventuality – even if the flat slope suddenly becomes a steep ramp. For different areas of use and personal preferences, there is of course the option to adjust both modes individually.


Regular – display and LEDs light up blue. This riding mode is set ex works for comfortable progress with a medium level of support.


Power – Indicator and LEDs light up green. Significantly more support makes the driving behavior even more dynamic – perfect for the sporty driving style and the next climb.

Individual support.


With the Coboc App you can fine-tune the Coboc Electric Drive in two parameters and adapt it to your personal needs.


Support – controls the strength of the support. The higher the value, the greater the support in relation to the force of your own pedaling.


Response – controls the sensitivity of the drive. The higher the value, the more directly the motor delivers its support.


Support and more.


A good friend needs a name. So name your Coboc e-bike individually in the bike info and make it yours. The Coboc app is also your direct line to us. If something should happen, you can send an email to our service team directly from the app. In addition, the bike info offers you an overview of the currently installed version of the hardware and firmware, as well as your ID code.

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Download the Coboc app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

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