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Coboc x ECM: We celebrate the bonding of espresso and e-bikes.

From shepherds and tinkerers


What connects Kaldi, a goat herder from Ethiopia, with the U.S. inventor Ogden Bolton Jr.? At first glance, you might think nothing. While one was roaming the mountains with his herd in Ethiopia more than 2,000 years ago, the other was tinkering with electricity and drives in the 19th century. But sometimes a second look is necessary.

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…through pioneers


Both were pioneers and are regarded as the discoverers of things that we can no longer imagine life today without – coffee and the e-bike. Coffee has long since evolved from an exclusive luxury good to the center of society. The e-bike is currently facing the same. But where there is mass production, quality often suffers.

“Both themes are an expression of trend, lifestyle and joie de vivre. Taking a nice tour on an e-bike and enjoying a good espresso in between or afterwards – just the idea makes you go into raptures, because both symbolize enjoyment and a positive attitude to life.”


Michael Hauck, Managing Director ECM         



…to partnership.


For some companies, their product is still much more than just mass-produced goods. It is passion. That’s exactly why Coboc and ECM fit so well together. Technical finesse on the inside, sleek and timeless design on the outside, the careful selection of components and the goal of designing long-lasting products: That’s what connects us.


As part of our tenth anniversary, we are celebrating the connection between espresso and e-bikes with ten machines in Coboc design.

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