Coboc Friends

"He's a good friend who speaks well of us behind our backs."

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The Coboc brand ambassadors

Friends are family


Coboc Friends is our ambassador program, which offers cool people the opportunity to ride and present our bikes.

For this we choose people who are wholeheartedly involved and can convince with personality and authenticity.

Our friends should not only carry our products, but also our identity to the outside.

For this reason, we look very carefully at the applicants and select them carefully.

Coboc Friends


Coboc Friends are initially provided with a Coboc bike for one year. They have to pay a deposit of 50% of the new price of their bike, which they get back when they return it. If qualitative content is uploaded regularly, Coboc Friends have the chance to get a new bike after one year. We are available all the time for questions and problems and take care of everything around the bike (service, insurance, etc.).

Let’s become friends


To become a Coboc Friend, you first need to fill out our questionnaire so that we can get a first impression of you. Subsequently, we will contact you to arrange a personal interview, in which we can get to know you and go through everything else. This interview will take place at our office in Heidelberg, on the phone or via video, depending on the possibility.

Let’s become friends!

To apply, fill out our questionnaire. Please take some time so that we can get a first impression.