The craftsman in the silk shirt.

Ten Stories: Interview with Christian Metzler.

Photographer, tattooed and with a mighty beard – Christian Metzler is an original. If you have a soft spot for sunglasses, designer silk shirts or exclusive art prints from hip-hop culture, you won’t want to leave Metzler’s studio in Pforzheim, Baden. In this interview, the man who has taken the majority of Coboc pictures over the past few years tells us, among other things, how he came to photography, what excites him about his job, and why he also rides a Coboc in his private life.

  1. How did you get into photography?


At the time, I was sitting in the call center selling the Süddeutsche Klassenlotterie. A friend of mine, Daniel Weisser, said to me: “Hey, Christian, that can’t be it. Take a look at some photography.” Then he taught me a bit about how photography works, both technically and creatively. I then started taking pictures as a hobby for two or three years and then joined an open photography group. The leader of the photo group then referred me to Winfried Reinhardt. At the age of 26, I applied for a job there and trained with him for three years. This time with Winfried was very good, also because he encouraged me a lot. At 29, I was finished, and at 30, I started my own business and am very happy.

  1. What excites you about your job?


The main thing that excites me about my job is that working very rarely feels like working to me. My job allows me to feel like I’m hanging out with friends and creating something beautiful every day. On top of that, I can walk around like I want, because at the end of the day, it’s a creative, it’s art. I don’t have to follow any conventions there. In fact, companies often feel that it’s good if a photographer looks a bit more extroverted. And in the end, it’s up to me whether the results are good or bad.

  1. What is important to properly stage an object?


That’s not so easy, because there are many different factors. One very important one is that the customer must have a clear idea of what he actually wants. Then it’s easy for me to set the right scene for the object. Of course, the technical aspect is also important, i.e. what does the aperture do or which lens do I need. Photography is also a craft. My understanding of properly set the scene is to satisfy the customer in the end and not to realize myself.

Christian Metzler Christian Metzler
  1. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Coboc?


The first thing that comes to mind is a long-standing collaboration, wonderful adventures like the city tours or the great photo shoot with Jürgen Vogel in Berlin. I was on the back of the electric scooter and he rode behind on his bike. As well as just every other beautiful shoot we had together. That’s like the very first thing that comes to mind. I’m totally grateful that we’ve been working together for so long and you guys keep asking me. Also, me and my girlfriend are owners of your e-bikes ourselves and we do bike tours together with them. So for me Coboc means fun at work, but also fun in my free time.

  1. What do you look for when photographing our e-bikes?


Well, that you are happy in the end. Right from the start, my opinion was asked for and we scouted locations together. We talked about ideas and spun them out. I am very happy to be involved in this creative process. In the meantime, I always make sure that the crank is where I’m shooting. Cranking in the other direction is fie, fie, fie. 

  1. Why do you ride Coboc yourself?


I ride Coboc because I find that Coboc were then and today are still almost the only ones who can make an e-bike in very nice. And the models are also very, very light. So I have the support, the comfort while riding and also look like I’m riding a very nice bike. That’s why Coboc, very simple. Love and stay healthy.

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