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“I don’t want an e-bike, I’m still more than fit enough for a regular bike.” It’s not the first time we’ve heard this sentence. We’ll show you: working out and riding an e-bike can very well be combined. With our incomparably lightweight models, nothing stands in the way of a sporty ride on asphalt or unpaved trails – and it’s a hell of a lot of fun, too.

Our selection of sporty e-bikes for men and women.



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Every day a new adventure.

Produktbild E-Bike Sydney



The lightweight fitness e-bike.

What advantages do sporty e-bikes offer?

First of all, of course, our track and field athletes convince in comparison to alternative means of transportation such as train, bus or car. Every day, you can expect fresh air and a good mood instead of stuffy cars and stress. Your health also benefits directly from the exercise and fresh air. Nerve-racking search for a parking space? No longer an issue with a sporty e-bike. You not only move from A to B more stress-free, but also faster. In the meantime, studies have shown: For distances of up to 5 km, cyclists outperform all other road users. Rigid departure plans or missing connections no longer hold you back; instead, maximum flexibility is the trump card with a model from Coboc.

Of course, a sporty e-bike must be one thing above all: light. With a heavy e-bike, usually over 20 kg, sporty use is hardly possible, especially without electric assistance. But also in the handling of your bike you feel with a light, sporty model a significantly improved agility and control when navigating.

Mann auf sportlichem E-Bike Coboc Sydney Mann auf sportlichem E-Bike Coboc Sydney

Is riding an e-bike still a sport at all?

You bet! An hour of e-bike riding burns over 300 calories per hour on average. If you take into account the fact that the motorized vehicle is usually used for a longer distance, e-bike users and bicycle users are almost on par in terms of calorie consumption. The advantage of Coboc e-bikes: Thanks to their low weight, you can choose whether you want to ride our models with or without electric assistance. Even with the motor switched off, our sporty, lightweight e-bikes can be used almost like normal bicycles.

Which muscles are trained when riding an e-bike?

In addition to the leg muscles, the use of an e-bike also benefits the buttocks and back muscles. Untrained people can be reintroduced to sporting activities in a relaxed manner via the electric support, but the hybrid intended use of e-bike and normal bicycle also offers perfect framework conditions for jocks.

Arrange a test ride or buy your sporty e-bike directly in our online store.

With our dealer locator you can easily find a Coboc dealer near you and arrange a test ride for a model of your choice. If you have already decided, you can select your desired model above and order directly online.

Which sporty Coboc e-bike is right for me?


Our Torino gravel e-bike promises maximum riding fun on and off the asphalt. With its14.1 kilograms and the characteristic sporty handlebars, the Torino takes you on your next sporty tour – because the next adventure begins behind the town sign.


The 14.5 kg Sydney is bursting with dynamism and energy. Navigate precisely and quickly through the asphalt jungle and arrive at your destination either fresh or completely exhausted with the innovative Coboc Electric Drive.


Mit dem leichten Trekking E-Bike Coboc Torino 527 durch die Natur Mit dem leichten Trekking E-Bike Coboc Torino 527 durch die Natur

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