Lightweight e-bikes for men.

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The days of exclusively clunky and heavy e-bikes are long gone. More and more style-conscious men are opting for a countermovement from manufacturers whose e-bikes are characterized above all by their low weight and timeless design. Experience all the benefits of lightweight men’s e-bikes now – the most sustainable and relaxed way to exercise. Arrange a test ride for your new favorite e-bike or buy it directly online from us.

Vesterbro DMT raw

Vesterbro DMT


Beautiful. Lightweight. Commuting.

Vesterbro DMT grey

Vesterbro DMT


Commute in style.

Merano Focus Award 2022

Merano DMT


One e-bike. A thousand possibilities.

E-Bike Merano DMT black

Merano DMT


The perfect companion in everyday life, on tours or cycling vacations.

Brooklyn FAT raw

Brooklyn FAT


Think Fat. Think Fast. Think Forward.

Brooklyn FAT


With belt drive – silent and clean.



Beyond the tarmac.



The gravel-e-bike in silent green.

Iseo Red Focus Award



Electrifying your adventure.

Coboc Iseo Black



The trekking e-bike with a suspension fork.

Bristol DMT Focus Award

Bristol DMT


Awarded by Focus E-Bike with the E-Bike Design Award 2022.

Bristol DMT


Your reliable companion in everyday urban life.

What are the advantages of e-bikes for men?

The advantages of e-bikes compared to other means of transport are obvious: No nerve-racking search for a parking space, no traffic jams and no crowds in overcrowded public transport. Not only do you get from A to B faster, you also get some exercise in the fresh air and do something for your health. Good e-bikes for men also have the edge over normal bicycles. If necessary, you simply switch on the electric assistance and enjoy an extra portion of tailwind. This means that uphill climbs or headwinds will no longer put worry lines on your forehead. On the contrary, you’ll arrive at your destination fresh instead of sweaty.

What makes a good e-bike for men?

What a good men’s e-bike needs and how it should be equipped depends to a large extent on the intended use of the vehicle. While especially in off-road areas, for example in the trekking segment, great importance should be attached to sufficient suspension and profiled tires, other features are in focus for use in urban terrain or touring bikes. For these daily routes in the city, bag holders or luggage racks should offer flexibility when transporting your belongings. However, there are also characteristics that should be met by all men’s e-bikes, regardless of the intended use. First and foremost, this includes the lowest possible weight and high-quality equipment.

Advantages of lightweight men’s e-bikes:

  • no traffic jams and no annoying search for a parking space
  • optimal suitability for everyday use thanks to easy transportation (bus, train, car)
  • higher agility and better control over your e-bike
  • possibility to use your e-bike like a normal bike even without electric assistance
  • sleek, timeless design
  • exercise in the fresh air, positive effect on health
Mann trägt E-Bike Coboc Vesterbro DMT Raw dei Treppe hoch Mann trägt E-Bike Coboc Vesterbro DMT Raw dei Treppe hoch

Why a men’s e-bike from Coboc?

As a pioneer in the field of lightweight e-bikes, we at Coboc can draw on over ten years of experience in the development of pedelecs made in Germany. Our models combine the elementary features of good e-bikes such as light weight, high quality and equipment that is perfectly tailored to your intended use. All our e-bikes for men weigh less than 20 kg and are therefore real lightweights on the market. This is made possible by our in-house design DNA, which we at Coboc consistently follow in the development of each model. It focuses completely on the essentials, does without frills and thus gives each of our men’s e-bikes a timeless, elegant look.


Nice side effect of the light weight: Thanks to additional integrated freewheel, your e-bike feels much more like a normal bike and gives you the opportunity to ride your Coboc e-bike just like one, even without the electric assistance. The electric support and the desired support level can be controlled easily at the push of a button. In addition, both riding modes can be individually modified in our Coboc app. The result: your optimal riding experience.


But a high quality standard doesn’t end after you hold your e-bike in your hands. For this reason, we attach great importance to excellent service and a personal contact person. If something should happen to your e-bike and a service case arises, you can either contact us directly or have a competent contact person at hand with your Coboc dealer partner.

Which Coboc men’s e-bike is right for me?

As already mentioned, the choice of the right model is strongly related to the desired purpose of your e-bike.


Are you looking for a commuter e-bike? Then you’ll love our Vesterbro. Fully equipped with everything you need for your daily commute, our commuter e-bike features a Brooks England saddle and grips, and weighs in at just 15.6 kg.


Our Merano, also 15.6 kg light, is affectionately known as an all-rounder. It is suitable thanks to its full equipment with lights, mudguards and bag holders as well as slightly wider tires both as a touring bike, as well as for all paths in urban terrain.


Now it gets a little more unusual: Our Brooklyn FAT, 13.1 kg light, is just as excitingly creative as the New York borough itself. Thanks to the belt drive, you can move quickly and almost silently through the urban jungle on our urban singlespeed e-bike.


You prefer it sporty? Then simply leave the town sign to the left after work with our 14.1 kg Torino gravel e-bike. For more suitability for everyday use, you can easily retrofit bag holders and mudguards.


Our Iseo, for example, is your perfect companion for adventures off the asphalt. Equipped with a suspension fork and treaded tires, our interpretation of a trekking e-bike weighs just 17.5 kg.


For complete freedom when transporting your belongings, we recommend our Bristol DMT. You can equip the two Snapit 2.0-compatible system carriers as you need them. Thus, the Bristol offers you infinite freedom for your individual luggage solutions.

Arrange a test ride or buy your mens e-bike directly online.

With our dealer locator you can easily find a Coboc dealer near you and arrange a test ride for a model of your choice. If you have already decided, you can select your desired model above and order directly online.

Frequently asked questions about men’s e-bikes.

Differences e-bike vs. pedelec for men – What is a pedelec?


When we say e-bike in this article, we actually mean pedelec. Here’s the explanation:


Pedelecs: A pedelec combines the use of muscle power with the electrical assistance of a motor. This electrical assistance is only activated when the rider pedals. Means: Since you have to pedal to be assisted by the motor, our models are actually pedelecs. If the support is up to 25 Km/h, the pedelecs are treated as normal bicycles and no special driver’s license or insurance license plate is required for use.


S-pedelecs: Exceptions are the S-pedelecs, which support the rider even beyond a speed of 25 Km/h. Their use requires a license in the form of an insurance license plate, liability insurance and a class AM (scooter) driver’s license.


The real difference between e-bikes and pedelecs is that e-bikes accelerate at the push of a button even without pedal assistance. They therefore behave more like the familiar mopeds than like classic bicycles. However, since the term pedelec has not caught on in common parlance, people now tend to refer to the category of e-bikes.

Which men’s e-bike is the lightest?


All Coboc men’s e-bikes are lighter than 20 kg. The spearhead of the lightweight men’s e-bikes are our singlespeed e-bikes with belt drive. At 10.8 kg, the eCycle F1 is a real showstopper and our lightest model – made for high-speed adventures in urban terrain.

How many years do e-bike batteries last?


The service life of an e-bike battery depends heavily on the storage and charging method. If you store your Coboc e-bike dry and warm (above 0 degrees Celsius), especially during the cold months, and make sure that the battery is not permanently completely empty and fully charged again, a service life of over five years is definitely possible. Our Coboc e-bikes also have integrated protection mechanisms, such as the deep-sleep mode, which protect the battery. Deep discharge of the battery must be avoided at all costs.

Mann fährt auf E-Bike Coboc Brooklyn Fat Mann fährt auf E-Bike Coboc Brooklyn Fat

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