The Coboc Story.

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From a backyard workshop to pioneer of electric mobility – a story of writing history.



“Ride an electric bike that works really well and looks damn good doing it.”
This was the ambitious wish of two physicists and the basic idea behind Coboc. Inspired by their own experiences as bicycle couriers, they created a purist and fully integrated e-bike that weighs just 13.7 kilograms. A bang for the buck.


In 2013, Coboc presents the eCycle as a market-ready prototype and immediately wins the prestigious Eurobike Gold Award.

The first series of the eCycle was launched in 2014.



In 2015, the portfolio is expanded by two models: the Soho with a silver-polished frame and the Rome with hydraulic disc brakes continue the consistently reduced design language. For the first time, Coboc e-bikes are distributed to Belgium, Austria and Switzerland.


In 2016, the Vesterbro establishes the next level of development and a new product line with mudguards, bag holder and light system. Highlight here: the patented Coboc rear light, elegantly integrated into the seat tube. With the Villette, a women’s variant is added.



In 2016, the structures are further expanded. A distribution network is established in Switzerland, the family of employees grows to 15 people, and the Coboc app is developed. This allows the riding characteristics to be individually adjusted and other useful information to be called up.

In 2017, another technical innovation is introduced. On the Brooklyn, the low-maintenance and quiet belt drive converts muscle power into propulsion. The limited special edition Berlin is dedicated to the actor and brand ambassador Jürgen Vogel.



In 2017, Coboc is also growing spatially. At the beginning of the year, the company moved into the building of the former headquarters of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen near the main train station. The Coboc family now numbers 25 employees.


With the Kanda and Montreal models, Coboc expands its portfolio and range of applications. The derailleur gears with seven speeds make the two ideal commuter bikes, whether in Hamburg, Stuttgart or Innsbruck.



2018 sees entry into the Benelux market. The Cobox service tool and standardized quality controls further underpin the premium status. The first study of a Coboc gravel e-bike is presented exclusively at the Eurobike trade fair.


With racing handlebars, new geometry and wide tires, the Torino breaks with conventions in May 2019: now it goes beyond the asphalt.




As 2018 draws to a close, Coboc is once again causing a stir in the e-bike world with the eCycle F1. The new edition of the original model weighs just 10.7 kilograms – with the usual range of 70 to 100 kilometers for Coboc. Consistent lightweight construction with carbon components makes it possible. The icon is back!


In 2019, the new website goes online. Now Coboc e-bikes can also be ordered online. The specialist trade is still a strong partner, also in terms of service. With its own leasing concept, the first companies will be supplied with fleet e-bikes in the late year.



In 2020, Coboc opens a new chapter with the Kallio RGD and the Kallio CMF, without diluting the Coboc DNA. Just as the original eCycle breathed dynamism and lightness into a previously staid bike genre, the slim silhouette and 17.5 kilograms continue this philosophy and set new standards in the process.

The portfolio has been further expanded with two all-rounders. As a commuter and trekking bike, the Merano is the perfect companion on the daily commute to work, the weekend tour or on a cycling vacation. The Iseo is the first trekking e-bike from Coboc and impresses with its suspension fork and two stylish color options.



2021 Coboc presents the model Bristol in the classic diamond and for the first time in a trapezoid frame. With its two racktops and wide tires, urban utility is redefined.





2023 the product range evolves once again. Coboc presents the Sydney and brings the electrified green wave for sports enthusiasts and commuters onto the road. In addition, the classic and all-rounder Merano is now also available with a modern trapezoid frame as the Merano TPZ.


And that’s not all: true to the company’s own design DNA, the Vesterbro DMT and Vesterbro TPZ make a statement for understatement. Elegant in design and incomparably light, the new stylish models are perfect for commuting.


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