The Gravel-E-Bike: Welcome to the end of the road.

A Gravel-e-bike blurs the line between city and off-road - a story from the end of the road.

E-bikes in Germany have experienced an enormous boom in recent years. Two categories in particular are enjoying great popularity: e-bikes for off-road tours and e-bikes for use in urban terrain. Gravel e-bikes, on the other hand, make up only a small part of the market. That’s surprising, since a gravel e-bike actually combines the best of both worlds. We take a closer look at these all-rounders.

What is Gravel?


Whether gravel, adventure bike or cross-country bike – the hybrid two-wheeler has already been described with various terms. But the promise is always the same: Equal driving pleasure on asphalt and unpaved paths. Ultimate feeling of freedom included. Where an urban e-bike is often shown its limits, a gravel e-bike really blossoms with its special skills.

What makes a Gravel-E-Bike?


But what features are actually meant by this? First of all, the added value lies precisely in the fusion of two, at first glance different, e-bike categories. The agility and natural riding pleasure of a road bike meets the robustness and flexibility of a trekking bike. The result is the perfect vehicle with the equipment for adventures off the asphalt.

Fancy of Gravel?

Discover our gravel e-bike Torino, exceptionally light and timelessly beautiful. Or find a dealer near you and experience the special Coboc riding experience on a test ride.

City-E-Bike vs. Gravel-E-Bike.


A characteristic feature of a gravel bike is first and foremost its appearance. The handlebars are immediately reminiscent of a road bike, but wider tires offer more grip on unpaved surfaces. The motto is: Simply turn right and leave the road to the left without hesitation. Does this mean sacrificing suitability for everyday use? Not at all! Thanks to optional equipment with bag holders, a Gravel-e-bike always cuts a fine figure even on daily trips around town. Longer tours are just as easily possible thanks to the balanced frame geometry.

For whom is a Gravel-E-Bike suitable?


The great advantage of a gravel e-bike is its flexibility. Whether it’s an off-road tour, commuting to work or a sporty after-work ride: There are no limits to the multi-talents. Thanks to electric assistance, there are also completely new options when it comes to route selection. Arriving at work unsweaty, mastering routes over hill and dale, and keeping up with sporty friends on the weekend or using the vehicle itself to work out – no problem with a Gravel-e-bike. So if you want the fastest and lightest e-bike that can be ridden on a variety of surfaces, a gravel e-bike is the perfect choice.

Coboc Torino 527 Coboc Torino 527

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