ECM Mechanika V Slim

Enjoy the moment with Coboc!

Coboc ECM Espressomaschine
Coboc ECM Espressomaschine

1.899,- EUR


Slim design on the outside, technical finesse on the inside: With a limited special edition of the Mechanika V Slim from ECM, we celebrate the combination of espresso and e-bikes with the perfect symbiosis of form and function at the end of our tenth anniversary. Unique Coboc details and the “Momentum” lettering on the back make this high-quality espresso machine an absolute eye-catcher from every perspective. So shift down a gear and enjoy the moment.

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Compact design

High-quality ECM brew group with innovative stainless steel bell

Large stainless steel kettle (2.2 l)

Convenient access to the water tank through removable cup warming surface

Two angled ECM filter supports with balanced weight distribution

Easily accessible expansion valve for individual adjustment of the brewing pressure

Shipping only within Germany: 65,- EUR

RRP: 1.899,- EUR (incl. 19% VAT)

Pure joie de vivre.

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ECM Mechanika V Slim


Slim design on the outside, technical finesse on the inside.

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ECM Mechanika V Slim

1.899,00 EUR

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