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Coboc Connects. | 10.02.2022

(K)night Rider.

A man and his e-bike experience the mystical beauty of the night.

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Coboc Connects. | 26.01.2021

The Inspector.

The phone at Coboc HQ rings every minute, but such a call does not reach us every day. "Hello, this is Richy Müller" – the famous inspector from German tv.

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Coboc Connects. | 26.01.2021

The Photographer.

Christian Metzler rides the Brooklyn FAT. Looking good, while making the bumpy roads fun.

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Coboc Connects. | 30.04.2020

Coboc Testerlebnis.

Unsere Testbikes waren im April und Mai 2020 für 4 Wochen unterwegs, wurden getestet und ausprobiert.

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Coboc Connects. | 23.01.2020

Exploring the Extraordinary.

A partner of Exploring the Extraordinary: 100 Years of Bentley Motors by the RREC and RROC

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Coboc Connects. | 17.07.2019

Electrify your City – Köln.

Elektrifiziere den Asphalt. Egal wie holprig, egal wie rau. Leg dir Steine in den Weg, das Brooklyn FAT freut sich darauf.

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Coboc Connects. | 03.06.2019

Design, that gets under your skin.

ELECTRIFY YOUR CITY. Exploring the city of Mannheim with the Coboc Soho F1. Getting inked at "TOOTZ & SHELLZ".

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Coboc Connects. | 25.04.2019

Mie Casa es su Casa.

Mit ELECTRIFY YOUR CITY durch Mannheim und mit dem Soho F1 im "MIE HOUSE".

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Coboc Connects. | 01.10.2018

With the Rome over the Gotthardt.

This time, we do not explain why our singlespeed e-bikes are so perfectly matched, but prove it with a true story. Enjoy!

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