The Inspector.

The phone at Coboc HQ rings every minute, but such a call does not reach us every day. "Hello, this is Richy Müller" – the famous inspector from German tv.

We are both pleased and surprised – when Richy Müller asks for a test ride that is definitely something. The German actor is known for a strong appearance. Breakthrough at the end of the 80s in the film “Die große Flatter”, solving cases in the crime series “Tatort” for more than 10 years, trip to Hollywood, awarded with the German Film Prize, most recently seen in the Netflix production “Skylines” and now for a test ride with us in Heidelberg.

Before Richy Müller devoted himself to acting, he learned the profession of a toolmaker. He has always had an interest in technology, in other words: how something works. The questions about the tech during the test ride lead to a follow-up appointment. “Let’s build a bike together.” Said and done. Coboc founder David Horsch and Richy Müller lock themselves in the workshop for a day and build a Merano. They work, they talk shop, they laugh.

It is no secret that the actor is passionate about automobile racing: Richy Müller races himself and in the tv show “Tatort” he drives a classic Porsche 911. But: the one does not have to exclude the other. Despite the petrol running through his veins (or is that why?) the tv inspector fell for our e-bikes: “You almost only see e-bikes today. Because those things are going fast.”

And why Coboc, Richy Müller? “You want to ride a nice bike, and not just a practical one, but ugly.” A sentence that sums it up, and in Coboc’s design DNA it’s made up of three attributes – slim, simple and sleek. An e-bike should be light, intuitive to use and naturally look good. Or in the words of Richy Müller: “I only want it because it looks cool and because it is not immediately recognisable. And most people just think: E-Bike? A chunk of iron…”

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