Design, that gets under your skin.

ELECTRIFY YOUR CITY. Exploring the city of Mannheim with the Coboc Soho F1. Getting inked at "TOOTZ & SHELLZ".

“Nice bike. Looks good in here.”


That is how we are welcomed in the light-flooded rooms. We think so too.
One floor above the Mannheim legendary Onkel Otto Bar, tattoo dreams come true. We are standing in the studio of Michelle and Tutti. On the high walls you can find photos, pictures and graphics from different epochs and styles. In the kitchen the coffee steams and Christoph takes a seat. Today he wants to discuss his “next project” with them.



But how did they get here? How do you get the idea of putting ink under other people’s skin? Tutti answers: “I started for a lot of different reasons, for a lot of consecutive coincidences. For example, me dropping out of school, which has put a stop to my plan to study. Or that it gave me enough time to accompany my best friend to her tattoo appointments. And that’s when I started considering tattoos as a career.”

When your own passion becomes your profession: Above Michelle, below Tutti. Their personal preferences are reflected on the walls behind their workplaces.

“Tattoos can be art, jewelry and a beautiful way of self-development. I think it’s great how even very small tattoos can have a very big meaning for everyone personally, that’s why I like to make these small fine line tattoos.”


In times when everything is always available, when you can purchase what catches your eye directly with your smartphone, individuality seems more in demand than ever. No matter whether a tattoo has a deeper meaning or simply looks beautiful – its wearer stands out. Just as we choose ink under the skin, we choose our clothes, our music – and even our e-bike.


Tootz & Shellz, Jungbuschstraße 8, 68159 Mannheim, Germany, more on Instagram.

The Soho F1 gets under your skin.


Perfectly shaped, the Soho F1 transforms your pavement into a trendy neighborhood. Elegant silver, noble components and the sporty frame geometry conceal its nature until you hit the pedal. Only the five discreet LEDs on the top tube indicate the power inside.


Electrify your City – join Christoph and the Soho F1 in Mannheim.

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