(K)night Rider.

A man and his e-bike experience the mystical beauty of the night.

Bochum. Westpark. 10 pm.


Monumental cooling towers gleam in rich blue and almost look like the corks of two huge bottles, still hiding their true dimensions under the green of the terrain. Where steel was once cast at over 1,000 degrees into a wide variety of shapes, today only almost unreal-looking constructions tell their story. Especially against the matte black background of the night, they unfold a special magic.


Klaus has placed his Merano, looks briefly through the lens and pulls the trigger.

Merano Nacht Merano Nacht

Klaus Joswig.


Like this many stories could be told around the photos of our sales representative. In his search for the right light and the perfect composition, Klaus always likes to take advantage of one or two hours in the evening on his tours through Germany to set the scene for his loyal companion. With his photos, we are immersed for a moment in sceneries that seem as if from an alien planet. 

Fancy the Merano?

Discover our all-rounder, exceptionally light and timelessly beautiful. Or find a dealer near you and experience the special Coboc riding experience on a test ride.

Light in the dark.


“It’s just unbelievable fun to be out and about on my Merano. No matter where I am, the night always exudes its own special magic. It’s quiet, the hustle and bustle of the day subsides and you get your head clear. And I want to capture these moments with my pictures.” Indispensable for a (K)night rider: a light in the dark. Not only to see but also to be seen. Stylishly integrated into the shape of the bike, the lighting system of the Merano is in no way inferior to its cinematic counterpart.


“Whether Bochum, Münsterland or Bremerhaven, whether asphalt or forest path: My Merano takes me safely over any terrain, which is also absolutely necessary for my tours. Allrounder is written on it and Allrounder is definitely, what it is.

Coboc Nacht Coboc Nacht

The night is yours.


Pleasant calm, a deeply rooted, almost intuitive fear, but also pure freedom: the night has a very special effect on us humans. It is ambivalent. And that is exactly what makes it so special. Everything is possible, every night anew.

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(K)night Rider.

A man and his e-bike experience the mystical beauty of the night.

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