The Photographer.

Christian Metzler rides the Brooklyn FAT. Looking good, while making the bumpy roads fun.

Who is this guy?


Christian Metzler. Photographer, tattooed and with a powerful beard – long before hipsters existed –, collector of shades, lord to a young dachshund and Coboc rider with iron principles: “I only wear my silk shirts in Miami.” Like Coboc, the Metzler is an original. We looked over the shoulder of the man who is responsible for the majority of Coboc’s pictures in recent years.

Pforzheim. In Metzler’s studio in the gold town of Baden you immediately feel at home. Whether it’s the 400 or so pairs of glasses and sunglasses of every colour (his collection totals around 2,000 models), the designer silk shirts or exclusive art prints from hip-hop culture that create this positive, creative atmosphere? We can see that Metzler likes to surround himself with things that have a certain external effect.

This is why


Confident? Yeah, sure, but fake? Not at all. Arrogant? No, maybe a little narcissistic, but always respectful when dealing with others. At work? Professional. He sees himself as a craftsman, not an artist. After all, he studied how to take pictures. And Coboc? “The nice thing is that the bicycle still looks like a bicycle and not like a tractor or a cyborg,” says Metzler, summarising the design language, and is particularly pleased when the straight lines in the photos are captured in light and shadow. “Do you see this line? That is sooo good.”

Despite all the beauty, all the understanding of aesthetics – it has to get the job done. That is just as important to Metzler. “If you see cycling not as a sport but as transport, it should be as comfortable and as beneficial to you as possible.” Functionality that makes everyday life easier, for which he likes to make use of the latest technology, such as an e-bike. He finds it hard to understand why he is teasing some traditionalists with this. “If people say it’s uncool because I use technology that exists today, I think it’s absolute nonsense.”

Barked at by doggy Beanz, Metzler rides a few laps around the studio – after all he has to know what the new models are all about. The young dog keeps him on his toes. Not that Metzler is old. Is it laziness that makes him ride an e-bike at this age? “It has nothing to do with laziness. For me, cycling is something beautiful and not torture. And that Coboc has managed to combine the useful with the beautiful, that’s actually what I love about it.”

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