Electrifying your adventure.

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Discover the lightness of trekking.
The weight of a bicycle with the power of an e-bike.
Electrified adventure.

Welcome to the world of slim e-bikes.


What? This is an e-bike?

Yeah, and it only weighs 17.5 kilograms. So you can ride it easily without assistance.


How do you manage that?

Coboc doesn’t just buy some kind of drive system and build it into the bike. We develop our e-bikes holistically, and that includes the drive: our Coboc Electric Drive. Integration and lightweight construction make our Slim E-Bikes possible.


But a large battery doesn’t fit in there?

Wrong! In our slim down tube we have a full 360 Wh battery capacity due to the compact design. These will take you 70 to 100 kilometers. Of course the range depends on many factors.



Coboc Iseo Wald Coboc Iseo Wald

The best. For everyone.


Mixed Wheelsize Concept.
For better ergonomics, sizes S and M come with 27.5″ wheels, L and XL with 28″ wheels.


The little things make the difference.
The angled top tube of the size S frame provides additional standover height.


Adds color to the game.
Two colours are available for the Iseo: Rooftop Red and Salmiak Black.


Award winning design.

The Iseo was awarded the Focus E-Bike Design Award 2022: Best E-Bike Design in the Trekking category.

Ready for the next adventure.

Over hill and dale.

The suspension fork from Suntour with 63 millimeter of travel guarantees a comfortable and safe ride, even off-road.

Everything you need.

Our self-developed Coboc bag holder adapts beautifully to the line of the rear wheel. Quickly and easily, all panniers from the most popular manufacturers can be attached.

Made for the extra long rides.

Reliable and StVZO-approved: at the front, 750 lumens from Litemove light the way. At the rear, our Coboc light integrated into the seat tube ensures more than enough visibility.

Balanced and powerful.


The specially developed Coboc Electric Drive not only ensures the slim design thanks to seamless integration and low weight, it also provides smooth and intuitive support thanks to its sensitive sensor technology and constantly evolving software. The 380 Wh battery is integrated in the down tube and offers a range of 75 to 110 kilometers. In the rear wheel hub, the motor provides powerful propulsion with up to 500W. The result of this intelligent drive: a completely natural riding experience – like riding a normal bicycle, but with the support of an electric motor.

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Coboc Iseo Coboc Iseo

The lunch break adventure.



Yes, the fully automatic machine also spits out a cup of coffee. But let’s be honest, it’s just not the same…
Pack your bag, get on your e-bike and off into the forest. Everything on reset, the thoughts come loose, the neck gets loose.

This spot looks good. Unpacked and heated up. Oh, how it smells. This is what it looks like, the ideal lunch break. Fully charged, taking just a lunch break!


Iseo, IT.


Those who come to Lago d’Iseo want to get out into nature and feel fresh air in their lungs. Simply get away from the crowds of the big cities, away from the hustle and bustle, away from the noise. Adventure amidst unspoiled landscapes and a breathtaking panorama is waiting at your doorstep.

You can’t wait for it?

Pre-order the Iseo in our online shop: RRP 4,999.- EUR (incl. 19% VAT), free shipping within Germany.

The Iseo comes in two color variations.


Compare our trekking e-bikes and discover the matching accessories.

Coboc Iseo Black



The trekking e-bike with a suspension fork.

Iseo Red Focus Award



Awarded by Focus E-Bike with the E-Bike Design Award 2022.

Racktop mit Federklappe

Racktop Springclip


Give your Coboc even more possibilities.