Vesterbro DMT.

Beautiful. Lightweight. Commuting.

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Fresh breeze or stuffy train? It’s your decision.

Welcome to the world

of slim e-bikes.


What? This is an e-bike?

Yeah, and it only weighs 15.6 kilograms. So you can ride it easily without assistance.


How do you manage that?

Coboc doesn’t just buy some kind of drive system and build it into the bike. We develop our e-bikes holistically, and that includes the drive: our Coboc Electric Drive. Integration and lightweight construction make our Slim E-Bikes possible.


But a large battery doesn’t fit in there?

Wrong! In our slim down tube we have a full 360 Wh battery capacity due to the compact design. These will take you 70 to 100 kilometers. Of course the range depends on many factors.

Mann fährt auf Vesterbro DMT raw Mann fährt auf Vesterbro DMT raw

Perfect for commuting – even on weekends.

Vesterbro DMT Raw Taschenhalter

For any weather.

The bag holder is nicely integrated into the frame, Curana mudguards make the Vesterbro weatherproof.

Licht Vesterbro DMT Raw

Day and night.

In front, the small but bright Supernova lamp shows the way. Rear provides the integrated rear light for more than enough visibility.

Sattel Vesterbro DMT


The high-quality saddle makes every movement with you, thanks to the Cambium grips you always have everything under control. Both components are from Brooks England.

Harmonic and powerful.


Every Coboc bike adapts perfectly to its rider and the conditions. The signals from the sensitive torque sensor are translated by our specially developed algorithms so that the drive always provides exactly the right support. Automatically, intuitively and continuously. The result of this intelligent drive: a completely natural riding experience – like riding a bike, only with assistance.

Fancy the Vesterbro DMT?

Book a test ride at your nearest dealer or order the Vesterbro directly here in the online store. RRP 4.799,- EUR (incl. 19% VAT), free shipping within Germany.

Vesterbro DMT Raw Vesterbro DMT Raw

On the road every day. In style.


Elegant in design and incomparably light – typically Coboc like. With the Vesterbro we pack innovative mobility in a timeless garment and show you how much fun urban mobility on two wheels can be. With the Vesterbro, nerve-racking commuter traffic or the annoying search for a parking space are a thing of the past. But our e-bike doesn’t just cut a fine figure for commuting. Equipped with mudguards, bag holders and lights, the Vesterbro is suitable for every path in urban terrain.

Arrange a test ride now!

Arrange a test ride at your nearest dealer or order the Vesterbro directly here in the online store. RRP 4.799,- EUR (incl. 19% VAT), free shipping within Germany.

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