One e-bike. A thousand possibilities.

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Commuting, Touring, Trekking – the Merano is your perfect companion on daily journeys to work, weekend tours or on cycling holidays.

Welcome to the world of slim e-bikes.


What? This is an e-bike?

Yeah, and it only weighs 15.6 kilograms. So you can ride it easily without assistance.


How do you manage that?

We develop our e-bikes holistically, and that includes the drive: our Coboc Electric Drive. Integration and lightweight construction make our Slim E-Bikes possible.


But a large battery doesn’t fit in there?

Wrong! In our slim down tube we have a full 360 Wh battery capacity due to the compact design. These will take you 70 to 100 kilometers. Of course the range depends on many factors.


Award winning design.

The Merano was awarded the Focus E-Bike Design Award 2022: Top E-Bike Design in the City category.

A real Allrounder.

Everything under control.

The wide handlebar with ergonomic handles provides comfort and safety. The front light is installed at the stem and fused into shape neatly.

Comfortable and safe.

WTB's large-volume, 47 mm wide and deep tread tires provide comfort, safety and grip. This allows you to ride comfortably on asphalt, but also on gravel and forest roads.

Practical for everyday use.

Specifically developed by Coboc, the bag holder adapts to the line of the rear wheel, just like the mudguards.

Balanced and powerful.


The specially developed Coboc Electric Drive not only ensures the slim design thanks to seamless integration and low weight, it also provides smooth and intuitive support thanks to its sensitive sensor technology and constantly evolving software. The 380Wh battery is integrated in the down tube and offers a range of 75 to 110 kilometers. In the rear wheel hub, the motor provides powerful propulsion with up to 500W. The result of this intelligent drive: a completely natural riding experience – like riding a normal bicycle, but with the support of an electric motor.

Fancy the Merano?

Arrange a testride or order the bike directly here in the online shop. RRP 4,799.- EUR (incl. 19% VAT). Delivery only within Germany, free of shipping costs.

Mann und Frau auf E-Bike Coboc Merano Mann und Frau auf E-Bike Coboc Merano

More than just everyday life.

A bike that can do everything? Impossible, but the Merano is quite close. When everyday life is mastered, it promises a lot of fun on a bike tour at the weekend or on vacation. This is ensured by the agile and comfortable geometry, the practical full equipment and 360 Wh in the down tube of the slim e-bike.


Talking about vacations – if you’re going on vacation, you can easily pack your Merano with its 15.6 kilograms onto the car without the need for a particularly tough bike rack.

Merano, IT.


Southern temperatures, Mediterranean flair and an incomparably multifaceted topography: Merano, a spa town in the heart of South Tyrol, offers a colorful potpourri of leisure activities like no other. Whether tours through the picturesque quarters with their vibrant culture and blooming gardens or at the foot of the snow-covered 3000m peaks: One city. A thousand possibilities.

Arrange a testride now!

Arrange a testride or order the bike directly here in the online shop. RRP 4,799.- EUR (incl. 19% VAT). Delivery only within Germany, free of shipping costs.

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