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The Brooklyn FAT Legacy.

Could hang in a museum. But shouldn’t.

No one builds a legacy by standing still.

That's why you're out in the urban jungle every day. Flushed with adrenaline and dopamine. Somewhere between limit and a resting heart rate.

The city is your canvas, the Brooklyn FAT Legacy is your brush.


Get going with the Brooklyn FAT Legacy. From now on, potholes, curbs and streetcar tracks are nothing more than splashes of color and blurred lines in your great work of art. Let yourself be carried by our powerful Coboc Electric Drive with its advanced CBC02 motor. In our Brooklyn FAT Legacy, raw power and timeless elegance merge into 13.5 kg of pure riding pleasure. This is exactly how you chisel your legacy to the e-bike industry into shape or start your very own legacy.

Coboc E-Bike Brooklyn FAT Legacy Brooklyn FAT Legacy Coboc

High. Lights. Everywhere.

Urban-E-Bike Coboc Brooklyn FAT Legacy Riemen

Silent durability.

The Gates Carbon Drive belt replaces the conventional chain on the Brooklyn FAT Legacy. It is lightweight, low-maintenance and virtually silent.

Urbanes E-Bike Coboc Brooklyn FAT Legacy

Excitingly elegant.

Our Brooklyn FAT Legacy combines the raw, brute metal look with elegant details. The high-quality grips and saddle come from Brooks England.

Urbanes E-Bike Coboc Brooklyn FAT Legacy

Fat tires.

You'll learn to love uneven surfaces: The 50 mm wide Schwalbe G-One Speed tire masters every pothole and every curb.

Start your Legacy!

Arrange a test ride at your nearest dealer or order the Brooklyn FAT Legacy directly here in the online shop. RRP 3.999,- EUR (incl. 19% VAT), free shipping within Germany.

E-Bikes can be that lightweight.


What, that’s an e-bike?

Yes, and it weighs just 13.5 kg. Pure inspiration in everyday life and a real eye-catcher on the road.


How do you manage that?

Coboc doesn’t just buy any drive system and fit it to the bike. We develop our e-bikes holistically, which includes the drive system: Our Brooklyn FAT Legacy comes with the innovative Coboc Electric Drive including a further developed CBC02 motor and a powerful 45 Nm torque.


But a large battery won’t fit in there?

Wrong! Thanks to the compact design, we have a whole 360 Wh battery capacity in our slim down tube. This will take you 70 to 100 kilometers. Of course, the range depends on many factors.

Harmonious and powerful.


Every Coboc bike adapts perfectly to its rider and the conditions. The signals from the sensitive torque sensor are translated by our specially developed algorithms so that the drive always provides exactly the right support. Automatically, intuitively and steplessly. The result of this intelligent drive: a completely natural riding experience – like riding a bike, only with assistance. The further developed CBC02 motor guarantees an improved load at the limit and is therefore even more durable.

Arrange a test ride now!

Arrange a test ride at your nearest dealer or order the Brooklyn FAT Legacy directly here in the online store. RRP 3.999,- EUR (incl. 19% VAT), free shipping within Germany.

Brooklyn, NY, USA.


Brooklyn, the most populous of New York City’s five boroughs, is a melting pot of diverse cultures and a creative incubator. The trends of tomorrow are already here in Brooklyn today. In the shadow of Manhattan’s skyscrapers, a scene has established itself that knows how to create in style, but also how to enjoy itself.

Fancy at Brooklyn?


Discover our Brooklyn FAT in Disco Purple and Cloud White.

E-Bike Coboc Brooklyn FAT Disco Purple

Brooklyn FAT


Make noise. Move silently.

Brooklyn FAT Cloud White Coboc

Brooklyn FAT


With belt drive - quiet and clean.

Coboc Brooklyn FAT Legacy Coboc Brooklyn FAT Legacy

Old school.


Our classic Brooklyn FAT is also available with a CBC01 motor.

Brooklyn FAT raw

Brooklyn FAT


Think Fat. Think Fast. Think Forward.

Brooklyn FAT


With belt drive – silent and clean.

Brooklyn FAT Legacy

3.999,00 EUR