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Don’t let anything stop you – not traffic jams, not detours and certainly not second thoughts. Make your day, stay ahead, change the direction. Electrify the streets. Electrify your city: Mannheim.

Wheels in squares


Mannheim is known for its squared layout, no wonder, the inner city is designed as such. But not only that: Mannheim is also famous as the birthplace of the bicycle. It was in 1817 that Karl Drais first moved the predecessor of the bicycle over the sidewalks of the city between the Rhine and Neckar rivers. A mobility revolution. A good 200 years later, the next revolution rolls up and over Mannheim’s streets.

We accompany Coboc rider Christoph through the day and through Mannheim. Without detours, without traffic jams. But with fresh air and sunshine, delicious coffee and new impressions.

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The all new Soho F1


One of a very light kind. The Soho is our silver eye-catcher. The elegant look is finished off with components from the British traditional manufacturer Brooks England – saddle and handlebar tape – while the belt drive from Gates ensures direct acceleration and the Schwalbe tires guarantee smooth rolling. At 13,1 kilograms, the Soho F1 is a true lightweight and can easily be carried up to the second floor. Looking good on the streets, but also on the wall of your apartment.


The co-working Staytion


All is connected, so many activities can be carried out anywhere in the world today. Sure, from the office, but also on the train, from home or in a co-working space – just like Christoph does today. The hotel STAYTION in the immediate vicinity of Mannheim’s main station offers workspaces and infrastructure. At the hotel’s own bar you can network with other creators and enjoy coffee or beer after work.

Lunch at the Mie House


Jungbusch, Mannheim’s colourful multi-cultural district. The MIE HOUSE lures with relaxed charm, delicious hot and cool drinks and a fantastic lunch. Every detail shows the passion with which Martina and Robin, the two café-makers, have turned the MIE HOUSE into an atmospheric feel-good place. And when the sun sets? Then the music turns louder and the bar opens.

Fine lines at Tootz & Shellz


Above the legendary Onkel Otto Bar you will find a studio of a different kind. Behind TOOTZ & SHELLZ are the two tattoo artists Tutti and Michelle. In the light-flooded apartment they have realized their dream of their own studio. “Tattoos are an expression of personality,” says Christoph, who stops by to talk new ideas, “as is the choice of my clothes – or my bicycle.”


Get inked!

Welcome to the Syte Hotel


“There are many hotels. And they all look the same.” Not the SYTE Hotel where Christoph checked in today. Mannheim tradition meets boutique character. In addition to the central location, the stylish furnishings and the spacious rooms, the SYTE scores with bar culture at its best.


Check in!

Cycling meets fashion


Functional clothing for the daily ride that also looks good? Yes, there is. Christoph wears SUPER VISION today. The young label produces sustainable clothing precisely for this purpose. It must work on the bike, fit comfortably and promise good temperature management, but also look chic when off the saddle.


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The Soho F1

Lightweight. Clean. Intuitive.