A Vision of Function and Style.

ELECTRIFY YOUR CITY. Christoph explores Mannheim with the Soho F1 and wears "SUPER VISION".

Back in the days cycling gear was functional but not chic. That’s a thing of the past, because more and more fashion companies are combining these two attributes. Fresh on the market is the label SUPER VISION, which tells of the ultimate vision of a lifestyle brand that sees the big picture and is committed to a better, greener, more transparent and ethically justifiable fashion world.

Material Science with Super Vision


“All our materials are either recycled, organic or sustainable. In our vision we tell you more about it. At first glance, our vision of producing sustainable functional clothing seems to be a contradiction in terms. This is where our greatest challenge lies: to develop almost all the fabrics for the SUPER VISION collection ourselves.”

Coboc ONE Soho F1 Coboc ONE Soho F1

“All the materials we use are manufactured according to our requirements: high performance, high quality and ecological. Our collection includes jeans and jackets in bi-stretch tencel denim, shorts in recycled airmesh and tops in breathable organic cotton. All are designed to be durable companions on and off the wheel. If we can’t develop the materials ourselves, we choose them carefully: From a low impact button to biodegradable packaging to ship your order.”


“Whether it’s fabrics for our waterproof jackets, cycling jeans or all the other products in the SUPER VISION range, our material partners are constantly working on innovations that enable us to further develop our vision of a sustainable future. Thanks to them we can use textiles with the bluesign® certificate from Everest and Paltex, denim from Candiani and PET recycled zippers from YKK.”

“This year we are also putting a lot of work into our own material development and processes within our company with a big focus on our CO2 footprint. In order to reduce this, we invest in our own solar energy system to one day generate our entire annual consumption with solar energy. We are also building a recreation area in our company to further improve the working atmosphere of our 179 employees at Evolution.”


Want to go shopping?


Find out more at SUPER VISION.

The Coboc Soho F1.


Perfectly shaped, the Soho F1 transforms your pavement into a trendy neighborhood. Elegant silver, noble components and the sporty frame geometry conceal its nature until you hit the pedal. Only the five discreet LEDs on the top tube indicate the power inside.


Electrify your City – join Christoph and the Soho F1 in Mannheim.

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