First of a kind.

Ten Stories: Prototypes in three phases - the path to the original eCycle.

Coming to life.


There are many myths surrounding the so-called garage companies. The ingenious minds behind them, who go into action with full conviction. Mostly in California, but also in Heidelberg. What they all have in common is that place, at the beginning of the success story, where driven tinkerers first turned their innovative ideas into reality. At Coboc, this early creative phase can be visualised with three states of e-bikes. Have fun looking through our archive.

Coboc 1.1


In the first prototype, the electronics were placed in the saddlebag and the battery was to be carried in the backpack. Although there was already an innovation voucher from the state of Baden-Württemberg for the evaluation of the sensor technology, the team quickly discarded this idea because: “Beautiful is something else,” laughs founder David Horsch.

Coboc 2.0


So why not just integrate the battery and electronics into the down tube, there’s room there anyway? This is how the second prototype was created, with which the team won the Federal Ecodesign Award of the Federal Ministry for the Environment. In addition, the frame geometry was changed and based on that of modern track bikes.

Coboc 3.0

But the down tube was still a bit too small for a powerful battery. So the team decided to enlarge the down tube, install a larger battery and integrate the entire control console into the frame. And all this at a weight of less than 14 kg. In its simplicity, elegance and robustness, the near-series prototype of the eCycle also convinced the jury of the ISPO Brand New Award.

Coboc turns 10.

Around our anniversary season we have prepared some promotions and stories for you. Check out our Ten Years page to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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