URB Pedal

Straight. Form-fit. Good grip – even in turbulence. The pedal in Coboc design.

Coboc URB Pedale

89.00 EUR


We have been searching for the right pedals again and again. They should be simple, straightforward and form-fitting, with an urban look. Because after all, a Coboc is made for daily use. The pedal has to be able to withstand a lot and provide good grip, even when things get turbulent. But there was nothing available that fulfilled our expectations. So here it is: our first self-designed pedal. Black in black with Griptape, CNC-milled, in Coboc design with engraved logo.

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What’s in there

Left and right pedal


330 g

Shipping costs

5,50 EUR (shipping only within Germany)


Aluminium, CNC-milled, with Griptape

Compatible Bikes

Every Coboc Bike

RRP: 89.00 EUR (incl. 19% VAT)

The pedal in Coboc design.

Straight. Form-fit. Good grip – even in turbulence. Order now!

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URB Pedal


The pedal in Coboc design.


URB Pedal

89,00 EUR

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