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The idea.


How does innovation actually work? How do trends emerge? And isn’t the e-bike predestined to play a leading role? To a coffee in nature with someone who helps others to be innovativ

It all starts with an idea…


…and there are tools to come up with them, to develop them, to sharpen them, to implement them. Irina Pfenning has a whole box full of them. As a product designer and design thinking expert, she supports others in being innovative.


Because: social and technological trends are changing our world faster and faster. New ways of thinking and working, new ideas, are necessary to help shape them.


Stay mobile, even in thinking.


An innovation process is characterized by the fact that it is not linear; you have to change direction sometimes, question the status quo, pedal harder or let go a little. Creativity needs space, time and freedom. That’s why a change of location also helps, because when you “go out and do something new, everything can reconnect,” Irina knows. “You perceive differently, you think differently, and the space in which it takes place is much bigger. And that includes landscape, that includes freedom. The moment you move, your thinking is definitely more mobile and agile, too.”


Fancy a Coboc?

Take a closer look at the Coboc Iseo. E-trekking with invisible power and comfortable suspension fork: Our Iseo.

Little adventures in between.


At such a moment, our Iseo is happy to lend a helping hand. It gets you out into nature quickly and easily – even for your morning coffee from the Bialetti – and expands your radius “with the extra pair of legs”. So you start the day with an alert mind and fresh legs.


As light as our e-bikes are, they have a weighty role to play in shaping the future. In our story, the Iseo enables a quick and uncomplicated change of scene – fresh air and delicious coffee.


When you think outside the box and your own needs, you discover “an incredible amount of room for innovative ideas, to rethink the future, to rethink mobility.” Then the small idea suddenly becomes a very big one.


Fancy a Coboc?

Now more than ever! Our Iseo electrifies your trekking adventure with fully integrated drive and suspension fork.

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