light – lighter – eCycle F1.

The Coboc eCycle was the first big hit, with which we entered the stage of the biking industry in 2013. Now we release the new edition.

The Coboc eCycle was the first big hit, with which we entered the stage of the biking industry in 2013. We were the first manufacturer with a fully integrated drive system and caused a furore with the Eurobike Award in gold. In 2019, we now release the new edition of the “Ur-Coboc-Pedelecs”, which promises a renewed bang and brings racing feeling with it. A maximum of 10.8 kg total weight is an announcement, and our new eCycle F1 is again one of the lightest, currently produced in series e-bikes worldwide.

Above all, the high degree of integration and, of course, carbon components such as fork, seat post, saddle and handlebars, and, last but not least, the whisper-quiet and maintenance-free Gates Carbon Drive™ for direct power transmission, make this possible.


Speaking of drivetrain: The eCycle F1 features the lighter and quiet Ansmann engine with a new sensor that weighs 500 grams less. Compared to the other models of the Coboc fleet, the torque is measured directly at the rear wheel rather than in the bottom bracket, which enables even more direct acceleration. Coboc-typical, of course, the drive is hard to spot, because the 350 watt-hour battery is barely visible hidden in the down tube. Consistently reduced to the essentials, the agile single-speed racer with its peak output of 500 watts invites brisk traffic light sprints in terms of engine performance and is virtually unbeatable even without an electric drive.


Incidentally, the specially developed Coboc app converts the smartphone via Bluetooth into an on-board computer. There, the response of the electric assistance and the engine power can be fine-tuned and, of course, all important driving data are provided.

Are you a fan of a belt drive?

Compare our e-bikes with a belt drive and discover the matching accessories.

eCycle F1


Our origin, our future.

Brooklyn FAT


Think Fat. Think Fast. Think Forward.

Coboc Utility Kit

Utility Kit Brooklyn FAT


The equipment for the Brooklyn FAT.

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