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Coboc Creates. | 24.02.2021

What color is Electro? Part III

The new stock colors for our Iseo and Kallio models underline: the Coboc design DNA and vivid, lively colors do not have to exclude each other.

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Coboc Creates. | 07.07.2020

What color is Electro? Part II

Our LTD models of the Kallio RGD and Kallio CMF. Now available in limited quantities from selected Coboc dealers.

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Coboc Creates. | 26.05.2020

A Wanderer Between Worlds

About an e-bike, that takes you from A to B during the week and takes you to other worlds on weekends.

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Coboc Creates. | 05.03.2020

What color is Electro?

An answer to this question: The new special model TEN Merano LTD in Sand Gold. Now available in limited quantities from selected Coboc dealers.

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Coboc Creates. | 24.02.2020

Riding on an e-bike through the city: Coboc e-bikes for women

Coboc e-bikes for women are particularly light, stylish and have more to offer than the first look would suggest.

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Coboc Creates. | 22.10.2019

Torino with lots of fahrstil

Fancy gravel riding in Heidelberg? The local boys from fahrstil got you covered. Look at their take on our Torino. A one of a kind.

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Coboc Creates. | 20.02.2019

Good grip – also off the asphalt. Coboc pedal URB.

Simple. Straight. Interlocking. In the urban look. Self developed. Good grip - even with turbulence. Our self-developed pedal in Coboc design.

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Coboc Creates. | 15.02.2019

I want to break free

Heroes of the big city beware: We have something new for everyone who wants to explore new ways and the fastest route beyond the asphalt!

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Coboc Creates. | 18.09.2018

Singlespeed – one for everything

We explain why our singlespeed e-bikes - bikes with just one gear, without gears - are perfect for the city.

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Coboc Creates. | 01.09.2018

light – lighter – eCycle F1

The Coboc eCycle was the first big hit, with which we entered the stage of the biking industry in 2013. Now we release the new edition.

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