How the pandemic affects Coboc.

COVID-19 is currently influencing the global economy and thus also has a direct impact on the delivery times of our e-bikes. A brief explanation.

Since the beginning of 2020, the Corona pandemic has had the world firmly in its grip. The effects are felt by people in the social, but not least in the public and economic environment. The measures taken to contain the virus have had and continue to have a direct impact on the supply of services and also on the production of goods.


This means that our production facilities and those of our partners were also temporarily at a standstill, and supply chains were sometimes interrupted.

Since then, production companies have been continuously increasing their capacities by building new factories, for example. However, it takes some time before an effect on the availability of goods becomes visible. This is particularly evident in our industry. A complete wheel, as we offer it, consists of many individual parts. If only one of these elements is not available, the delivery of the final product is consequently also delayed.


In short, who would want an e-bike without handlebars?


One way to counteract this is to replace these individual parts with those from another manufacturer. But this market in particular has been swept clean. It is important to emphasize that our own components, such as the drive, are not affected by the bottlenecks.


So although we can exert direct influence on many components, as already mentioned, we don’t have everything in our own hands. Gearshift assemblies and brakes, for example, already have delivery times of more than 16 months.


At the same time, to our great delight, a real run on e-bikes also developed. People want to explore new paths with the possibilities of electric support that a normal bicycle cannot offer. People’s awareness of the environment and ecological responsibility has also been growing for years.


What’s more, e-bikes are no longer just clunky, impractical products for an older target group. No, e-bikes have arrived in the middle of society as stylish and versatile means of transportation.

Earlier availability at our dealer partners


All in all, it remains to be said: The sometimes long delivery times for our e-bikes do not make us happy either. Unfortunately, a forecast on how the situation will change at this point in time would be nothing more than guessing. However, some of our dealer partners are already getting their orders delivered earlier. This means that even if some of our models are sold out on our website, they may still be available from our dealer partners.


We would love to hand every Coboc fan their favorite model with a smile today. We are working flat out to get all of our e-bikes back in stock as soon as possible and hope that a return to normalcy in all areas of life can happen soon.

These models are in stock

eCycle F1


Our origin, our future.

Kallio RGD


No need to dress to impress. When your bike does.

Kallio RGD


No need to dress to impress. When your bike does.



Every day a new adventure.

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