Make your street Soho

ONE Soho

The ONE Soho Bike Story

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Make your city’s pavement your scene quarter!

Soho – center of bohemian London – gave its name to this pretentious sprinter – which will induce even a Gentleman to go on tour and to leave his silver roadster willingly in the garage. The ONE Soho retro-look is inspired by the formidable ‘Swinging London’ of the 1960ies. At present, too, it is journalists, actors and, of course, talented start-up entrepreneurs who plant fresh ideas into our cultivated bike-landscape. Once you’ve activated your Coboc drive system, you will take no more than eight minutes to speed from Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square to the Royal Court Theatre that attracts people to luring Soho with contemporary plays.You want to declare your city pavement your scene quarter? Just go ahead with your companion, the ONE Soho! With a satin-finished aluminium frame, costly- smoothed weld seams, and Grand Prix Classic tires it is wearing a majestic robe, coifed with a brunette metal-riveted Brooks Cambium Saddle and high-quality bandaged bullhorn handlebars. Frame geometry is inspired by track cycling, which promises agile steering and an aerodynamic sitting position.

We are strictly doing without visually obtrusive prints and keep focused on the essentials of technology, which makes Coboc bikes and their riders true individuals. With its just 13.7 kg, ONE Soho is noted on the market as a singular light-weight! The Coboc drive system reacts directly to the rider’s impulses, thus creating smart interaction between human input and the high-performance hub drive. A gearbox is simply obsolete. Get out and test the riding experience!

The Coboc advertising medium is, and will always be – the street!

“Make your street Soho”


Each Coboc e-bike comes with a battery recharger and a handy magnetic plug that works in every socket.


A radical singlespeed! Interaction of muscle power and hub drive is smartly tuned, making a gearbox simply obsolete.


Just 13.7 kg due to reduction to the essential.Caliper brakes, rear-wheel axle drive, encapsulated electronics.

Electric specifications

Battery voltage

36 V

Battery capacity

352 Wh

Charging time

2 hours

Electric motor

250 W / 500 W max

Maximum torque

40 Nm


80 km

Mechanical specifications


7020 aluminium, silver satin finish


carbon track fork, silver polished


L: 61 cm, from 185 cm body height
M: 58 cm, 173 cm up to 185 cm body height
S: 54 cm, up to 173 cm body height

Mechanical drive:

Single speed, Chain: 48-17T


Caliper brakes, brake lever CNC milled


13,7 kg


Brooks Cambium C 15, rust-colored


Bullhorn, with Brooks Cambium Bar Tape, rust-colored


Continental Grand Prix Classic 622-25


CNC milled, silver polished

Frame geometry

E-Bike Rahmengeometrie


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