The Freethinker.


Katja Riemann is one of the best-known German actresses. To pin her down on that would be far too little – because both as an artist and on behalf of humanity, Katja is committed in many ways.

The strikingly bright eyes and blonde curls are guaranteed to be familiar to the general public from movies and television. Katja Riemann has too many plans to appear only on one stage – be it in theater, several music projects or as a book author. So she is artistically active in many fields. The fact that the multi-talent also thinks about the big picture quickly becomes clear when you look at her life outside of her artistic work.

Unicef, Amnesty International, One – the list of her humanitarian commitments reads as impressively as her filmography and is marked by a remarkable duration and consistency. Her latest book, “Jeder hat. Niemand darf” chronicles the experiences and journeys of her charitable work. But climate change also preoccupies and moves the convinced cyclist – most recently with A movement of filmmakers who voluntarily commit themselves and their productions to sustainable standards.

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“Anything that tries to move and not continue what we’ve had for 200 years, that’s very good. To think and move.” A symbol of the modern socio-ecological milieu: something has to happen. A change in thinking that Katja Riemann is passing on to others, also because of or thanks to her media charisma. Because: “Holding on to old structures, that only makes us hold on to old structures.” Change takes place first and foremost in the mind, and then perhaps in the choice of means of transportation: “When it becomes cool to ride an e-bike and uncool to drive a car, maybe you don’t want to be with the uncool ones anymore.”

The equation “One more e-bike, one less car” certainly strikes the right cycling path. The right model can then also provide personal motivation to switch. “You don’t necessarily have to be environmentally conscious to buy an e-bike, but you can say: this thing is really cool, looks great, works like a charm, and I’m as fast as lightning.

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