A Wanderer Between Worlds.

About an e-bike, that takes you from A to B during the week and takes you to other worlds on weekends.

All the right reasons


What if we could almost completely prevent emissions on the way to work? What if we never got stuck in traffic again? Never have to look for a parking space? What if, in the process, we could improve our physical condition? And our state of mind? Could we have fun at the same time?

Sounds like a dream? The dream is real.

Urbanisation and climate change give the e-bike a great social relevance in its role as a means of short-distance transport. This development also entails a responsibility, we love to embrace.


If we manage to combine the useful with the beautiful, then we really have the chance to make a difference.

Torino 527 Info-Card Torino 527 Info-Card

No time to lose – Test the Torino 527 now or pre-order online

The Torino 527 is an exclusive edition – pre-order now!

Where the streets have no names


Oh, Gravel,


you have brought the road bike feeling to the offroads, you are made for gravel tracks, forest and field paths. You are more than a bike with dropbars and wide tires.


You are my reward.

Coboc Torino 527 Coboc Torino 527

My Gravel,


you turn right and leave everyday life on the left side. You are the wind on my skin and the grin on my face. No cars, no noise, just the chirping of the birds, the rhythmic breathing in the clear air and the sunbeams pushing through the treetops.


You are my adventure and you start right behind the city limits – where the streets have no name.

No time to lose – Test the Torino 527 now or pre-order online

Arrange a test ride or order the bike directly here in the online shop. UVP 4,799.- EUR (incl. 19% VAT), shipping only within Germany, free of shipping costs.

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