With the One Rome over the Gotthardt.

This time, we do not explain why our singlespeed e-bikes are so perfectly matched, but prove it with a true story. Enjoy!

With a single speed over the Gotthard? 10,000 meters altitude, 600 kilometers and that without a gearshift? Hard to imagine, but there is really something to it.


Why we are interested? – Because it’s done by a Coboc fan & driver.


Normally, the Coboc community moves mostly in the urban environment, the so-called “urban space”. This is exactly where we feel at home. But when someone like Oliver sets off on the Gotthard with his ONE Rome, we are also fully behind it. Oliver became aware of our “join the club” newsletter on ONE Berlin and the singlespeed topic. If his tour would not interest us? – We’re all interested in Coboc events!


Let’s make it short.


We are mighty proud that our ONE Rome convinces on such a level and Coboc riders also dare far out of the city. At this point we thank Oliver for his nice report and his footage, which he collected during the tour. In this report, Oliver writes on a daily basis how he and his ONE Rome fared. Where he has charged his bike, what he has experienced and why you should better put on a smaller chainring to take on the mountain.


Read the full report here (German only).

Summed up by Oliver himself:


“A tour with an e-bike from Coboc – the ONE Rome – single speed – so no circuit – over the Gotthard – so the plan without training and preparation has gone up. Thanks to friendly people who have allowed me to refuel my e-bike – with openness and a sense of serenity I met the tour – I could take a lot of great impressions – and last but not least the technology of the Coboc e-bike and the Komoot app supports me in a reliable way. “

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