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Test reports and experiences of real Coboc riders.

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That’s what our Coboc riders say.


For over a decade now, Coboc riders have been on the road with their e-bikes in Germany and beyond – putting them through their paces.

Ron, Hamburg.


“Pressing the button feels like “Beam me up, Scotty!” 🛸


My suggestion for a successful lunch break in Hamburg: grab an e-bike, avoid the traffic jam and enjoy the sunshine on the Elbe. ☀️ I love the One Soho for cutting a good figure.”

Marcia, Munich.


“Until now, I’ve always said that an e-bike makes no sense at all in the city. Most e-bikes are so heavy that you can hardly get them up/down the stairs and when the battery is empty, you can’t get anywhere. Wow, the eCycle F1 proved me wrong. It was particularly cool when I rode up the Olympiaberg with ease and comfort.


I’m so excited to see where this beautiful bike will take me.”

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Versatility is key.


Whether in the countryside or in the city – whether for the daily commute to work, the relaxed after-work ride afterwards or the relaxed tour at the weekend: Our models are used in a variety of ways. Accordingly, the feedback in our Rider Survey, in which we ask our Coboc riders for their opinion, also focuses on a wide variety of aspects.


“I appreciate the fact that you can ride it well without assistance and that it has such a beautiful design. It’s my favorite bike so far.”


“You can ride it with or without power. Without power, it rides like a normal bike – very cool.”


“Quiet, comparatively powerful motor + an amazing range for a 380 Wh battery.”


“Intuitive handling, simple, functional design, good quality. Cool vehicle.”


“You can’t tell it’s an e-bike. It’s minimalist. Pretty as a picture. A work of art.”

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