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Not only the design process and bicycle construction, but also all electric drive components are in-house developments. This also includes the software, an important component of our intelligent and intuitive drive system. We have developed the Coboc App to create a riding experience tailored to the needs of each rider. With this app you connect directly to your Coboc e-bike.



The dashboard of our Coboc App provides you with useful information about your ride and your Coboc bike. It displays the exact level, the temperature and voltage of the battery. When navigating, the app displays the distance to your destination, the estimated time of arrival, the duration of the ride and the distance covered.



Navigation made easy. Simply enter your destination and the Coboc App will guide you there quickly and directly. You even get two suggested routes. Your trip is also saved in your Activity Feed, so that you always have an overview of how many kilometres you have covered with your Coboc e-bike.

Electric Drive Settings


With the Coboc App you can individualize the Coboc Electric Drive in three following parameters and adapt it to your personal style of riding.
Assistance Level – adjusts support in relation to the force applied to the pedal.
Additional Support – regulates the additional constant support regardless of the force applied to the pedal.
Start Boost – regulates the support when starting from a standing position.

Two Ride Modes


The Coboc Electric Drive is an intuitive, natural riding experience. For the different purposes and personal preferences there is of course the possibility to fine-tune it. These settings can be saved in two riding profiles, between which you can easily switch back and forth, even while using the e-bike.



The Coboc App is also your direct line to us. If something should happen, you can send an email directly from the app to our service team.

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