Your smartphone is your onboard computer

ride different

Connected by COMODULE GmbH 


The Coboc app is easy to download from App Store or Google Play. The Coboc E-Bikes with frame numbers starting at 20 XXX are compatible with the new technology. Where do you navigate first?


Turn on your Coboc E-Bike. Start the app. Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and connect with your e-bike. Done! Completely wireless. Have you already set up your profile?


…. is intuitive and easy. By clicking on the light icon you can control the lighting system of the line SEVEN. With how much power do you like to ride?

First steps

iPhone user

Download from Apple App Store

Android user

Download from GooglePlay Store

Connecting with the Coboc bike

Bluetooth must be activated on your phone. The Bluetooth chip is installed in all Coboc bikes starting at frame number 20 XXX


The registration can be completed with your Facebook account or an
e-mail address


To secure your data think of an 8-digit password with special characters

Coboc Bike

Paired! appears on your display when the bike is successfully connected



Enter the destination and select from the suggested results or simply scroll on the map and tap on the destination. The blue button starts navigation

Map symbols

Wheel symbols indicate bike service shops, your way highlighted in Coboc blue


Choose which driving data is most important on tour for you, e.g. speed, remaining range, arrival time, engine power, battery temperature, remaining capacity,…

Coboc Bike

All important settings and vehicle data are resided in this menu item


See here which Facebook friend documented and recommends a Coboc e-bike track


Choose your language, the brightness of the dashboard and map and add a personal picture to your profile


Answers to the most common questions and a search function to the nearest Coboc dealer

Arrange a test drive