Imagine / 10. February 2017

Modern Gladiators

Coboc asked the young Scorpions team “how does it feel playing on a Coboc?”

“Cruel, agile, fast, this bike performs on the road as I love it on the pitch,” says Corey Chapman, 29, defense player and athletic coach of the Stuttgart Scorpions playing in first division.

“In the Rushhour, every overtaken car gives you a feeling of independence, being motivated to go to training even after a long working day”
Do feelings of competition come up while riding?

“Definitely, we really should be supposed to see the doping control room with these speed bikes,” says Gabriel Kalus, laughing, 26, Devensive Back.

One of the bikes was loaded during the training in the cabin. The rest of the fleet was chained with massive locks in front of Gazi Stadium.

The electrified way home made the players quote
“Also the street can turn into a playground”

Fotografie: Marc Schäfer, Location: Gazi Stadion Stuttgart

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Imagine / 10. February 2017

Modern Gladiators

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