Fully equipped e-bike for commuters.

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Innovative drive technology meets timeless design – that’s how urban mobility looks like today.

Welcome to the world of slim e-bikes.


What? This is an e-bike?

Yeah, and it only weighs 15.9 kilograms. So you can ride it easily without assistance.


How do you manage that?

Coboc doesn’t just buy some kind of drive system and build it into the bike. We develop our e-bikes holistically, and that includes the drive: our Coboc Electric Drive. Integration and lightweight construction make our Slim E-Bikes possible.


But a large battery doesn’t fit in there?

Wrong! In our slim down tube we have a full 352 Wh battery capacity due to the compact design. These will take you 70 to 100 kilometers. Of course the range depends on many factors.

Makes you want to commute – even on the weekends.


At the front the small but bright Supernova shows the way. Integrated in the seat tube, our patented rear light shines brightly. Everything complies with StVZO.


Seven gears allow the Montreal to easily ride up any urban climb.


The bag holder is already integrated in the frame. Curana mudguards make the Montreal weatherproof.

Balanced and powerful.


The specially developed Coboc Electric Drive not only ensures the slim design thanks to seamless integration and low weight, it also provides smooth and intuitive support thanks to its sensitive sensor technology and constantly evolving software. The 380 Wh battery is integrated in the down tube and offers a range of 70 to 100 kilometers. In the rear wheel hub, the motor provides powerful propulsion with up to 500W. The result of this intelligent drive: a completely natural riding experience – like riding a normal bicycle, but with the support of an electric motor.

Fancy the Montreal?

Arrange a testride or order the bike directly here in the online shop. RRP 3,499.- EUR (incl. 19% VAT). Delivery only within Germany, free of shipping costs.

Coboc SEVEN Montreal Coboc SEVEN Montreal

Day in and day out.


No annoying rush hour. No overcrowded train compartments. No sweating on arrival at the workplace. The Montreal lets you cover your daily journeys with a smile on your lips. And it shows that innovative mobility and timeless design do not have to be mutually exclusive. Classic elegance in appearance thanks to our fully integrated e-bike drive and internally installed trains, plus versatile use with seven gears, mudguards, luggage rack and lighting system.

Arrange your testride now!

Arrange a testride or order the bike directly here in the online shop. RRP 3,499.- EUR (incl. 19% VAT). Delivery only within Germany, free of shipping costs.

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