The company

Our story

Originally, it was the ambitious dream of two physicists and bicycle couriers: “Riding an electric bike that works really well and still looks damn good.” They founded Coboc to realize this dream. With passion, creativity and high depth of development, they constructed the first Coboc bike. The perfect symbiosis between function and design. An e-bike from a single source. With an extraordinary design, the company, founded in Heidelberg in 2011, managed the balancing act between complex technology and simple operation. Without losing sight of the essentials – the joy of riding.

All Coboc bikes are lightweights. Operating them is simple and intuitive. The specially developed drive platform Coboc Electric Drive is completely integrated and blends seamlessly into the shape of all models. The broad and interdisciplinary technological competence forms the foundation of Coboc. Not only the construction, also all electric drive components and the software are own developments.


With the seamless integration of the drive, Coboc has won several awards, including one of the most prestigious awards in the cycling industry twice, the Eurobike Gold Award. Passion for the product, sustainability and vertical integration make the Coboc fleet a remarkable and technically advanced masterpiece currently unparalleled in the market. Out of conviction Coboc stands for high quality craftmanship, which guarantees high stability and durability. The result for the Coboc rider is the unmatched riding experience with a time bonus in daily commuting.

After the early years in the start-up-typical backyard workshop, followed by the first growth spurt in the city’s creative economy center, the company is also expanding geographically at the beginning of 2017. Coboc relocated to the former premises of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen near the main station. The product range now includes nine models, the company now has almost 30 employees. E-Mobility is the future – Coboc lays it down on the roads.