Riding on an e-bike through the city: Coboc e-bikes for women

Coboc e-bikes for women are particularly light, stylish and have more to offer than the first look would suggest.

The light e-bike for women


No matter whether you are going to work, shopping in the city or for a spontaneous meeting at your favourite café: with an e-bike, every route is a ride through the city. You will reach your destination with a lot of energy and without any effort. And everyone will ask you: “This is an e-bike?” Because at first glance you don’t even notice the electric drive of our bikes.

Coboc e-bikes for women are particularly light, stylish and have more to offer than the first look would suggest. With just a single button you can switch the electric drive on and off, change the riding profile and operate the lights. The battery is elegantly integrated into the frame and the discreet LEDs provide information about the remaining range.

Why an Coboc e-bike for women?


Choose an e-bike from Coboc if you want design, comfort and power! Because everything that makes an e-bike at first glance, the battery, the motor and the steering – are elegantly integrated into the frame and the rear wheel of each Coboc. This does not only give our bikes their unique look, integration also means that all parts of the system are developed holistically and are therefore perfectly matched to each other.

On and on with Coboc e-bikes for women


Due to the particularly light weight of our e-bike models, our battery pack integrated in the down tube will take you 70 km to 100 km, depending on the topography and riding style. This guarantees a stress-free morning on the way to work, a relaxed way home after shopping or a fast and fun way to your date in the evening.

What are special features of Coboc e-bikes for women?

Elegant appearance

with the special eye for detail.


Technology and design

combined with puristic equipment.


A range of 70 to 100 km

with a completely natural driving experience – like riding a normal bicycle, but with the support of an electric motor.


Simple and intuitive operation

of the control element (power button, LED display and charging socket).


Ultra light weight

All Coboc e-bikes weigh less than 18 kg. The light weight makes riding them fun even without support.

Stylish and fast through the city


With the Coboc e-bike models, which are particularly light, comfortable and extensively equipped, you move gallantly and stress-free through the traffic jungle. With the Coboc e-bikes for women, you can leave the annoying search for a parking space in the city centre and long traffic jams behind you. And that without breaking a sweat!



Fancy a Coboc?

Our Coboc dealers offer you the opportunity to get to know our e-bikes during a test ride. When you buy an e-bike, a specialist dealer near you will prepare your new bike so that you can start riding immediately. Your dealer will be happy to help you with all technical matters, regular inspections or other questions about your Coboc. For a test ride, it is best to visit a Coboc dealer near you.

Coboc e-bikes for women with comfortable equipment


Our Coboc models SEVEN Kanda and SEVEN Kallio / Kallio Comfort are active and flexible thanks to the extensive equipment with lights, mudguards and rack. The perfect combination for all women in search of a special e-bike that makes no compromises in design and style.



Our cosmopolitan.

SEVEN Kallio


The SEVEN Kallio appeals to both men and women, with or without skirts, who want to move around in style and act environmentally friendly.

SEVEN Kallio Comfort


The SEVEN Kallio Comfort accompanies you safely on your everyday journeys - from the office to the market, from kindergarten to café.

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