General | 26.04.2021

How the pandemic affects Coboc

COVID-19 is currently influencing the global economy and thus also has a direct impact on the delivery times of our e-bikes. A brief explanation.

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General | 23.01.2020

Exploring the Extraordinary

A partner of Exploring the Extraordinary: 100 Years of Bentley Motors by the RREC and RROC

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General | 03.06.2019

Welcome to the Syte Hotel

ELECTRIFY YOUR CITY. The Coboc Soho F1 checking in at the "SYTE HOTEL" Mannheim.

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General | 02.05.2019

A Vision of Function and Style

ELECTRIFY YOUR CITY. Christoph explores Mannheim with the Soho F1 and wears "SUPER VISION".

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General | 27.03.2019

04/13 – Coboc Open House

Test drives, factory tours, warehouse sales. We invite!

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